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Welcome to our Wildlife Photography Site

Wildlife in the UK, Canada and America

Enjoy our photography! We take pictures of wildlife or obtain permission to integrate wildlife pictures in our products. Each year we add pictures into our calendars, playing cards, mugs and more! Browse our galleries to view examples of the pictures we showcase. And enjoy our featured wildlife photographs below!

At the end of the year, if a picture submission is chosen to be used on our products, the winners will receive a free calendar as a thank you for your submission. We direct all visitors to our submissions page to submit your wildlife pictures.

Featured Photographs

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Penguin Photo
Banteng Photo
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The majority of our submissions come from the U.K., United States and Canada. If you're picture was submitted against your authority, feel free to contact us to have it removed from the entries.

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We’re happy to announce that 2018 will be a great year for wildlife photography competitions. The competition is going to be open to members and supporters of the RSPB community. Submissions accepted can [...]